Domain & Its Types

Every computer, laptop, mobile and any other device that is connected to the internet has a unique identification called IP (Internet Protocol) address that helps it to communicate over other networks. These IP addresses are made up of numbers, for e.g. and therefore are difficult to remember. Domain names provide an easy access to websites and web pages by hiding such technical IP addresses. It is easy to remember rather than its numerical IP address. Domain Name System (DNS) provides a way to match a website’s name to its address. As a domain registrant, it is necessary to understand the importance of choosing a domain name wisely. One has to be well informed of different types of domains. A relevant domain name attracts traffic to your website and improves business. Domain name, just like any of our names, has an initial name, middle name and a surname! The initial name is called the machine name, often ‘www’, and then the middle name is a specific descr…

Google Analytics New User Interface: How Has It Changed?

Google updated the layout starting in April 2017, slowly rolling it out to accounts. The first item that you’ll notice is the new “Home” button at the top of your screen. That’s, however, not the only changes. #googleanalytics#SEO#googleupdates#digitalmarketingbraincandy #PPCbraincandy

E-Commerce Solutions: We specialize in e-commerce website where you can have maximum sales opportunity. We design it in such a way that it stands out, be creative, easy navigation and user friendly.Consultancy and Strategy: We are aware of current trends and happenings and accordingly we help our client to strategist and put innovative ideas into reality so that their businesses gain profits.Web Design and Mobile: We help you in designing user friendly website which can work on any screen size. Thus making it stand out and provide better communication on online platform.Digital Marketing: You are successful when your business is on first page of Google. We help our clients to move on first page organically by doing SEO and optimising the website by using right terms and strategies. We also provide display advertising channels where clients can invest less and get higher returns.Commercial Photography: Get a professional look and the edge over your competitors with professional photogr…


We all know that we need neat and simple navigation to hover around any websites.Earlier the screen sizes were in horizontal, hence there was a practice of keeping all the elements of the menu in the same way. With technology being advanced and wider screen is getting stretched downwards, we can see the trend of vertical menus on the websites and be honest, it’s a wonderful sight. Here are few best websites who are following Vertical Trend: Petersham Nurseries: On their website, you’ll see beautiful icons representing what are they into. And when you hover over the icon, it spreads itself to another band, showing submenus. A beautiful way of showing nested vertical navigation.Arbor Restaurant: It has a vertical navigation with ample space in between links which are neat and clean to look at it. Also, they have aligned all the content with links that shows/hides the content as per your ease.Smokey Bones: On this beautiful website, on left side of every web page they have a fixed vertic…


There are several ways by which you can confidently update your marketing strategy. Here you can learn about the ten most effective ways by which you can keep your strategy intact.
Decision fatigue is the kind of theory and this can really prevent the customers from making vital purchases. However, one can make the best use of the same factor in marketing and this is based on the Two Feet  post by David Low bridge. This way, you can give your business a better chance this time.You can even make use of the twenty vital marketing tools to take your business and marketing to the next level.It is essential for you to get more relevant and local traffic for the personal website. In this case, one should make the most of the online marketing strategy.There are short and precise attention span readers. To keep them tuned you should make use of the winning contents and articles. This way you can enjoy the best online presence.One can even make use of the A/B testing for the reason of …


It may be so that you have decided for the best social media campaigning and in the way you can have perfect marketing of the brand. However, in this case you have certain essentialities to consider. It is normal that you sit and think about the outcomes of social media campaign. This is an option to help you become successful in life and career. For the same you need to consider the basic five essentialities. First, you need to have a proper idea regarding your targets and goals in life and profession. This is mostly important when shaping the social media campaign. To be successful you need to have more traffic, more likes and followers. This way, you can make things work for the positive.
For the best and the successful social media campaigning you need to have the confirmation of the individual checkpoints and responsibilities. For this you need to identify the key performers in the domain and at the work place. These people are responsible for posting and updating of the site and…


The look and feel of a website is its prime selling point as it gives the first impression about the company and what it has to offer to the customer. Website designis therefore an extremely essential element of awebsite as the customers believe “What you see is what you get”. An aesthetically appealing website performs well in terms ofgoogle analytics too such as low bounce rates, high pages per visit and high conversions. The most essential features of any website are that it should be user friendly, informative, engaging and clearly perceivable.